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Global Faces of Racism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Global Faces of Racism - Essay Example Indeed, racism is a belief that classifies humans into discrete â€Å"races† or groups (Berg & Wendt, 2011). As such, this paper surveys the topic of global racism extensively. Purpose of Racism Racism is commensurate to a plan, which may by utilized by individuals to effectively initiate their exploitative ideas. Disseminators of racism have numerous reasons for upholding the practice. Initially, the main purpose of racism was to validate economic exploitations. In 19th centuries, slaves, who were captives from inferior races, fueled the American industries (Berg & Wendt, 2011). Slavery provided discounted force to the industries; however, the practice was unethical. Therefore, the promoters of the norm established a scheme of concealing their ideologies within racial differences; thus, defending their malevolent deeds. It could then appear sensible to account that inferior races had an obligation of serving the â€Å"master† or superior race. Apparently, this idea est ablishes the root to racism. Importantly, oppressors claimed that, groups that sold their own, were responsible for their people’s suffering; hence, masters were less accountable (Reilly, Kaufman & Bodino, 2003). Additionally, the idea of racism was also used in workplaces by employers to win employees faith and make them feel comfortable with the environment availed. According to Kivel (2002), a strategy utilized by employers to lure white male employees into industrial jobs in 19th century was validation that at least they were not slaves. Consequently, such employees would maintain their white muscularity whole, while sacrificing their economic independence because they could sensibly go by the employer’s claim that working in the factory was never considerable to being a slave. Indeed, employers influenced racism for economic benefits by developing a false sense of pride and prospects among white employees an aspect that proliferated racism in the society. Evidentl y, the United State’s workplace presently has segregation that accounts for different classes, races and gender (Kivel 2002). An apparent purpose of racism is developed by the human’s self-centered nature. Humanity has pride in being the best or a victor. The question of superiority attracts a substantial controversy. The idea may appear obtuse, but it occupies a crucial position in promoting racism. A sense of being superior to the neighbor may lack material benefits but could provide some sense of satisfaction especially to those enable to fight self-pride. Consequently, such self-centered individuals establish assertions that their race outshines others (Kivel, 2002). However, evaluating the strength of characters by virtually viewing physical attributes like color, is an irrational approach that is not justifiable. This idea has elicited heated debates in the past with prominent scholars defacing their credibility in the battles. Concepts of Racism Racism is a vers atile model hence it ideas navigates in the society through various avenues. Racism mainly maneuvers in three structures, in individual scope, institutional and under cultural aspects. Institutional racism defines setting up of the segregating policies, association structures, missions and behaviors in Institutions and services (Watt, 1999). This idea may avail an environment favoring a certain group. Mainly, these components

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