Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Supply chain management Operations management Lean production Essay

Supply chain management Operations management Lean production - Essay Example Thousands of the Model-S were preordered which was more than the company expected. It was also an indication that the market was ready for electric cars (Carlson, 2012). Tesla also makes electric powertrain parts which it then sells to other automakers such as Toyota and Daimler. The company is headed by Elon Musk who envisions it as an independent an independent automaker in the future with the aim of mass-producing fully electric cars of all types at affordable prices for average customers. The company is named after Nikola Tesla, who was an electrical engineer and physicist. In fact, the AC motor fitted in the Tesla Roadster is based on an original design by Tesla in 1882. The Roadster was the first electric vehicle powered by lithium-Ion batteries to have a mileage of greater than 200 miles per charge. And made news for achieving a lot of what other vehicles such as the Toyota Prius could achieve. This gave the company a favorable platform to begin from; one where the attention h as been captured in the market (Carlson, 2012). Definition and Application of Operations Management The operations management at Tesla are streamlined for success, which is particularly attributable to the CEO’s experience in nurturing success. ... There are however a knowledgeable board of directors made up of open thinkers such as Antonio J. Gracias and Steve Jurvetson (Carlson, 2012). In the course of production, different managers lead different departments that undertake individual operations. For instance, the batteries are one of the most important parts of the vehicles made by Tesla and are hence overseen by a manager with expertise in the production of batteries. The board of director made up of the key figures in the organization oversees the general operations of the company while specialized managers take hold of exclusive operations such as painting, body work, interior and so forth. This ensures that operations are well overseen, and hence adhere to the preset goals (Chase, Jacobs, Aquilano, 2007). One aspect to the company that captured the interest of the market is the way its â€Å"much publicized† organization operates. With the release of an electric sports car that actually fit that title, the pubic w as interested to know how it all takes place behind the headlines. The plant where the vehicles are put together is located at Fremont, California. The way operations in the plant are designed has a profound impact on whether its objectives are accomplished, and this is one of the fortes Tesla holds. As illustrated above, different departments operate and are overseen by individual experts. The plant is laid out in a way that the inputs come in from one side and leave as finished vehicles in the other. The basis of this design is most likely to harbor what each and every organization desires; efficiency. The skeletons of the soon to be vehicles follow a sequence that is well

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