Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Critiqu of Are millennials cut out for this job market by Ruben Essay

Critiqu of Are millennials cut out for this job market by Ruben Navarrette - Essay Example They are more loyal to friends and families than they are to their careers. They also seem to think that they should have opportunity handed to them on a silver platter. While surveys and research seem to support these generalizations, the reality is they are very broad generalizations. The assertions made by Ruben Navarrette, Jr. in his article Are Millennials cut out for this job market? is simply a bunch of broad claims about an incredibly diverse group of individuals. These sorts of articles may fill space in newspapers and on the webpage of a 24-hour news organization, but they are actually void of any real depth and do little to enlighten understanding of our complex society. According to the article, experts on Millennials such as psychology professor Jean Twenge at San Diego State University have used surveys and anecdotal evidence to build the afore mentioned profile of an entire generation. The high self-esteem is a result of the â€Å"everyone gets a trophy† culture that Baby Boomer parents embraced according to the author. This outsized ego is having real consequences for Millennials at work. According to a few anecdotes from bosses, Millennials do not take guidance or criticism and expect to be advanced in their careers for doing nothing. They also seem to care more about family than work. There are many problems with the logic and factual information presented by the author. First is the fact that the author claims Jean Twenge is a part of the millennial generation because she was born in 1971. The author fails to realize that this would make Professor Twenge 40 years old. This could be a simple mistake (which a professional of Ruben Navarrette should have caught) or it could have been an indication that Mr. Navarrette has a bias against people younger than he. Lumping a 40-year-old professor in with the Millennials is sloppy factually and logically. But it reads great! Another flaw in the

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