Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Personal Philosophy of Education Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Philosophy of Education - Personal Statement Example Nevertheless, one of the most common factors that characterize most philosophies in education is the issue of social pedagogy. Social pedagogy refers to an educational approach that focuses on providing holistic education and cares to students (Lingard, Nixon, & Ranson, 2008 p. 23). Social pedagogues are guided by four main principles. These are holistic education, holistic wellbeing, promoting human welfare, and molding students to become responsible members of the society. Holistic education pays greater emphasis on issues such as cognitive development, emotional and spiritual development, as well as physical and practical skills development. My personal education philosophy is based on the belief that all educators should be social pedagogues. I believe that education should be seen as the process of empowering learners to make the best out of their lives regardless of their age. Therefore, education should not be seen as a way of discriminating or categorizing individual on the basis of their age or backgrounds. As such, the main approach should be regarding all learners as human beings who need to be taught how to make the best out of their lives (Tisdall, 2006 p. 34). In this regard, an education system should focus on empowering students to deal with contemporary challenges and issues affecting humans. For instance, contemporary education should focus on empowering learners to deal with issues such as climate change, terrorism, economic challenges, and the issues of globalization and cultural integration. I also believe that this kind of education can only be achieved in a specific learning environment that is characterized by a high sense of equality, sameness, and heightened interactions between educators and learner s. In lieu of this, educators have to consider learners, irrespective of their age, as fellow humans; hence the need to treat them equally.  

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