Monday, September 23, 2019

Functions of Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Functions of Management - Essay Example When talking about Food and Beverage Businesses, planning is important because it helps in forecasting where the company wants to be in a few years and on the basis of that what goals need to be set and what action needs to be taken. Planning will not be from one perspective, but it will take into account the whole organization, make sure that your inventory level is sufficient, that the employees know what the goals and missions are and are working towards them. Organizing structures the work of the organization, it helps in achieving the objectives mentioned during the planning stage of the organization. In this function, the focus is on division of labor, coordination, flow of information and control of tasks. Authority and responsibility is distributed among the employees. The first thing that helps is the organizational structure, in the food and beverage business it will enable the employees to know who is reporting to whom, where the information is coming from and who it is going to. The next important thing is the division of labor, who is performing what task and who is responsible for what. For example somebody is responsible for cooking the food, while somebody else is responsible for getting the ingredients. The waiter will deliver the food, while the chef will only cook it and he might come up with new recipes as well. There is one very important thing to note here, a leader ... Being a good leader is the ability to influence other people's decision and actions. A leader needs to motivate the employees and direct them towards achieving the goals and their duties and responsibilities. Most of the leadership characteristics exist in one's personality. Leaders communicate and interact with their workforce on a daily basis. In the food and beverage industry, especially for a restaurant it is very important that the managers are good leader because at dinner and lunch time, the chef has to lead his assistants so that they cook the food according to his standards. At rush hours, there is time constraint and a lot of pressure of the chef and the assistants. Having good leadership makes the job easier as they know they have someone on their side helping them out. Controlling This is the last of the four functions; through this the manager can enable that the plans are being implemented properly and that the employees are working towards achieving the goals of the organization. Controlling completes the circle of management. There are many ways of controlling employees; there are performance standards which are measured against the employee's performance. Evaluation forms are filled out periodically to gain insight on the performance of all employees. If the performance criteria are being met very easily then managers set higher standards. In a restaurant you might have seen how the chef keeps an eye on what is being made and sent out of the kitchen. This is a way of keeping a check and balance. Another way can be form the number of revisits you get from a customer. If the service is nice and the food is good, the people will come again. Performance can be measured this way as well, while they

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