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Organizational Context For Distant Learning System. (ABC Mobiles Essay

Organizational Context For Distant Learning System. (ABC Mobiles context analysis) - Essay Example ABC Mobiles has recently ordered a detailed consultancy report to assess the needs and requirements of their organization for a distant learning system. ABC Mobiles is a renowned supplier of mobile telephones in the region and has a vast network of it regional offices, contractors and franchise partners all around the country. Moreover, the company also exports mobile telephones to many countries around the globe. The company has introduced a vast range of products in the market and has to introduce new products periodically to all partners, stakeholders and customers in order to seize new customers and capture new markets. However, the help and support of all previous products pose a serious challenge to the management and because new products are very frequent, these challenges are a common feature of corporate operations. In order to support all these products support operations the company has to held seminars and workshops to give orientation to the customer and retailers. Besid e the product help and support operations the company launches programs at regular intervals for the training of sales, marketing and technical staff. The company has to incur a lot of expense to conduct these training programs in order to keep its work force vibrant and updated on various developments and advancement being introduced in their respective fields of expertise. Keeping your workforce at educated and updated is the most important requirement in today’s rapidly changing world. Dam (2005) has stressed the same need, when he states, â€Å"The adoption of new technologies, the rapid obsolescence of knowledge, the need for just-in-time learning and the search for cost-effective ways to meet the learning needs of a global workforce have redefined the processes that underlie the design, development and delivery of training and education.† Therefore, learning is an indispensible exercise that ABC Mobiles will have to undertake to keep pace with the changing global learning requirements. A major aspect of modern learning modals is their cost-effective mode of conduct. Organizations despite being aware of the important role of trainings, workshops and courses, tend to cut costs over the training because a major portion of this training expense is drained in transportation, accommodation and other miscellaneous daily expenses of the distant participants of the course or training workshop. Organizations are now moving towards the online trainings, courses, workshops and seminars in order to control the surplus expenses that were not truly educational in nature. â€Å"Online training is growing in popularity and can reach the audiences in a very cost effective manner. Online training allows for customization of location, language, employee function and subject matter.† (Biegelman & Daniel, 2008, p. 192). This changed learning modal is extensively applicable in ABC Mobiles. The ABC Mobiles can exploit flexibility and ease of use that online learning systems can offer. This flexibility can be especially beneficial in organizations like ABC Mobiles that operates round the clock in various time zones and it is usually difficult to schedule a course or training using video conferencing. Online learning systems can deliver these training and courses within selected time slots or at a user request. ABC Mobiles constantly allocates considerable financial and human resources to keep these traditional learning programs running but yet the company is falling far behind in meeting the

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