Friday, July 26, 2019

Measures a Business Takes During a Disaster Assignment

Measures a Business Takes During a Disaster - Assignment Example Federal assistance from the fire department and police department came to assist after being contacted together with the locals’ and nearby hospital personnel. A series of actionable items on the plant was given to know the way forward and the business continuity plan that would make certain that the business gets back on its fit once the emergency plans prove to be successful. As the Safety Operations Director, the recommendation I would make to the Chief Executive Officer of the manufacturing plant and warehouse is to appoint a temporary disaster management executive committee which will be involved with the safety of the employees and the company’s data stored in computers as these are the company’s priorities. The steps to be taken when beginning recovery efforts by this committee include (1) ensuring the safety of employees by taking a roll call to account for everyone so that none is left unattended, (2) ensuring the safety of the company’s data in computers by backing them in external hard disks and sending them to personal emails, (3) contacting the families of the injured ones to inform them of the situation, (4) assessing the damaged assets, the ones at risk and the resources left, (5) relocating company tracks and employees to safe locations (6) reducing financial loss and (7) rushing the injured to nearby hospitals for treat ment. All these steps are to be conducted by the disaster management executive committee, chairpersons, coordinators and departments/ branch leaders, drawn from the institution’s available personnel resources that are to provide effective leadership and administration of the institution’s recovery effort, making decisions and giving directions. It is the duty of these people to restore the entire organization’s ability to operate and re-open its components testing and revising the process upon results, resuming and replacing damaged equipment, saving lives, contacting the family of the workers and maintaining law and order for possible looting.  Ã‚  

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