Monday, December 9, 2019

Leadership in Nursing Practice for Healing - myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theLeadership in Nursing Practice for Healing of Leg Ulcers. Answer: Nurses play a vital role in medical practice because they interact longer with patients as they administer treatment under the instructions of a doctor. It is important that nurses receive regular guidance from the patients specialist so that the proper treatment regime can be administered. Nurses dealing with leg ulcers need to understand their various kinds. The limited training of nurses prohibits them from diagnosis and in this regard, they have limited information about specific kinds of infections. This is so in the case of leg ulcers. The physician in charge needs to provide professional leadership for the nurses to distinguish between arterial and venous arteries. These two kinds of ulcers require different treatment procedures (ODonnel et al., 2014). However, the wounds could appear similar to the nurses. Whereas the arterial ulcer results from inadequate supply of oxygenated blood to the affected area, venous ulcer results from chronic venous insufficiency. Proper leadership can ensure that the lead nurses are briefed in detail about sensitivity of patient conditions. This information can then be shared with other nurses on shift within the wards (Fonseca et al., 2016). Information sharing among the nurses can result in proper teamwork which is an important in gredient for coordination. Nurses can be overwhelmed with duty at the wards and fail to exercise keenness in administration of proper medicines to the right patients. Doctors on the other hand may be busy with lengthy procedures with other patients and as such. For this reason deliberate guidance must be provided by the physician so as to coordinate the treatment process and avoid medical disasters during treatment. Bibliography Fonseca, C., Lopes, M., Ramos, A., Santos, V., Esquinas, A. and Parreira, P., 2016. Nursing Interventions in Prevention and c: Systematic Review of the Literature. InWorldwide Wound Healing-Innovation in Natural and Conventional Methods. InTech. ODonnell, T.F., Passman, M.A., Marston, W.A., Ennis, W.J., Dalsing, M., Kistner, R.L., Lurie, F., Henke, P.K., Gloviczki, M.L., Eklf, B.G. and Stoughton, J., 2014. Management of venous leg ulcers: Clinical practice guidelines of the Society for Vascular Surgery and the American Venous Forum.Journal of Vascular Surgery,60(2), pp.3S-59S.

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