Tuesday, October 29, 2019

American Indian culture studies research paper Essay

American Indian culture studies research paper - Essay Example The Native Americans way of life and culture is very much adored by most people around the world. Everyone is eager to understand the culture and the nature of people who initially occupied the most powerful country in the world. The Indians greatly influenced the shape and environment of the current America in several ways because they lived and carried out their human activities on the land particularly their habit of shifting seasonal subsistence that was conforming to the changing seasons. Everyone particularly is concerned about the decline of the culture of the American natives. These people clearly shows the evidence of North American life such as the discovery of a hunting lookout in Northern Alaska and the various finely crafted spear points found near Clovis, New Mexico. All these discoveries show the culture and the lifestyle of the first Americans who also believed to be more hospitable and had strong belief in sharing (Teicher 2006, 14). It is unfortunate that some of these traits have been overridden by the contemporary culture. The decline of the Native Americans culture has largely been contributed by assimilation, exploitation and the change of purpose as well as the rich number of alternatives that are assumed to be modern by the contemporary society. Luckily, there are various institutions that have strongly come out to protect and enhance the Native cultures such as the introduction of culturally based education that involve introduction and re-establishment of native language as well as culture. Introduction of cultural based education has been very vital in pres4rvation of the native culture and most tribes with almost over 500 distinct cultures have strived to survive by trying to regain practices that defined them as people. Preservation of the native culture Preservation of the native culture has involved tireless practices such as creation of dictionaries for many tribes, connecting present and the past as well as introduction of tribal colleges and public schools that restore the rich knowledge of different native cultures. Outstanding teaching force has been introduced to the Native Americans and the students have been culturally empowered by making their schools more culturally relevant for them. However, it is still very clear that the Indian continuity and survival is not part of the cultural preservation and continuation (Shaull & Gramann 1998, 49-55). Modern society has greatly influenced the current youth thus leaving them in dilemma. The current young people are not sure of what is best for them because they cannot choose between their native cultures and the current cultures. For instance, in the modern society, a young man may put emphasis on exercising of individual freedom and rights even if it is against the people’s will unlike in the native culture where an individual would look to the extended family and elders for guidance and direction. The group decisions are more important and an individual is required to avoid conflict and be very loyal to the group unlike in the contemporary society where an individual’s independence is more important than the group (Shaull &

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