Friday, September 13, 2019

Family Resilience Assessment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Family Resilience Assessment - Assignment Example This research will begin with the statement that family resilience and the concept behind it range beyond our comprehension of healthy family functioning to circumstances of adversity.  The assumption, however, is that there is no universal model that adequately fits all families and their situations due to their unique nature. The fact that some situations strengthen some families and increase their resourcefulness, while others crumble under the stress and pressure associated with the crises, serves to prove that there is no universal reaction that is guaranteed when faced with adversity. A family is a structure where there are rules to adhere to and specified roles to play by each of the members of the unit. There is a certain expectation as regards how the members of the system respond to each other with respect to their roles and are defined by the agreements of their relationships. Within the confines of the system, the development of patterns is seen in scenarios where a par ticular family member causes predictable behavioral influences in other family members and is also influenced by the behavioral traits of the rest of the family. Continuing the same trend of behaviors within a system may bring about balance in the family system, but also there is the risk of growing dysfunctional. For instance, if a spouse is forced to assume the responsibilities of the other for one reason or the other, the shift in roles could have adverse effects on the family system brought about by the equilibrium shift as a result of overreaching roles. My current nuclear family is characterized by a system of genuine family support, and mutual responsibilities in our respective roles. My live-in girlfriend, who we have been together for three and a half years, has three kids whom I absolutely adore, despite the fact that am not their biological father. Thanks to her kids, I have received a new lease in life by becoming a grand daddy-by-girlfriend. This has given me the chance to see a child grow, and I am grateful for this especially since I miss out on raising my own daughter and see her grow up. My relationship with my ex-family is nothing to write home about as no special bond exists. The quality of life back when I was still married to Sonia was horrible. The infidelity by my wife, now my ex-wife, nearly drove me to ruins, and the fact that she abandoned me while bedridden in the hospital and took off with our daughter did not make this easier. It actually made things worse, and this experience coupled with the horrible and abu sive childhood I had, was a suicide in waiting. Growing up surrounded by a mother who hated men, and two sisters who had been taught to loathe men, my childhood was doomed from the start. The fact that I did not have any functional relationship with any of my relatives from either side of my parents families meant that I was stuck with the only family I knew. Describe and discuss the key processes of family resilience: Belief Systems, Organizational Patterns, Communication Processes as they apply to yourself and your family. Belief Systems The members of a family are able to derive some meaning from circumstances of crisis, and therefore foster a positive and a hopeful outlook. This is, however, dependent on the family’s attitude towards the suffering, crises and the options available to them. In my case, making the best out of hard situations was not easy, not that it was expected anyway. It took me a while before I could see clearly that I had to change my attitude towards living a better quality life. Initially, before I got my act together, I dwelled on the issues that faced me instead of trying to find a way to stop myself from suffocating. Once I understood that the only way to move on was to accept my

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