Monday, August 26, 2019

Theater Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Theater - Article Example Alas!  There emerges an energetic, fresh and composed man dressed up in black overall, pair of trousers, and socks. His black Spanish cape sits firm and symbolic on his head. His hands clutched around his crotch as he walks majestically to center stage, staring at the ground a little worried. Behind him follows a nonchalant woman dressed up in a grey dress. The man takes a turn and stands on some pulpit looking at the sky in awe. The woman scales up the single staircase and sits comfortably on the traditional chair. Another man in white, gray official and tie emerges at the entrance, gently scrubs as he gazes at the entrance board. He then walks to center stage, stands there shortly. He turns to a second woman behind him. They approach each other with intense passion, almost kissing†¦, but then the woman withdraws and runs to the back of the stage as a group of elegantly dressed female dancers storm the stage. They go round the man and take positions on stage, start dancing ma rvelously after signal from the lady queen who sits on the staircase as the woman on the traditional chair comes up. The dance surges in intricate patterns. One dancer woes the official man to join the dance but he is adamant. Finally, the female dancers win him over. They sit down and watch as the man starts to dance alone impressively on

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