Thursday, August 8, 2019

Hochschild viewpoint Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Hochschild viewpoint - Essay Example Every time an employee was lost, much money was lost in the training and recruitment of new ones. The company tried to deal with this issue by offering a variety of remedial that included the solution to balance in work and family for instance, part time and sharing of jobs. To her surprise many families preferred to work more than to be with their children and family members. Hochschild interviews like six families watching on how they operate during the day and night. She also interviews various levels of professional and is surprised by what she hears. The employees at Amerco concentrate so much at work that they forget the essentials. Hochschild as a female analyzed the enormous entry of women into the labor force. It looked fair and obvious that as women left their various homes every morning along men to their various jobs to build the economy and maintain their families as they returned from work should share the house chores which never happened. Instead, as they came from work women took to all home responsibilities. Hochschild referred to it as a double shift as women worked both at work and at home (Hochschild, Pp 15) Nevertheless, there is a superwoman who can multitask and perfect both at work and home. In the present most women are faced with the challenge of what was considered a full time works in the past generation. To make it worse, as cutting workers size has occurred, the hours of work have been added for everybody. Hochschild in her book tried to show the extent to which time is ever limited that they cannot fulfill their obligations both at home and work. Statistics show that women who have small children spend more time at work than the ones with no children. â€Å"Family values and reversed worlds† according to Hochschild tries to show how various family values have been invaded by work efficiencies and time pressures while places have turned out to be temporary homes for these

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