Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Employee Selection and Performance Appraisal Essay

Employee Selection and Performance Appraisal - Essay Example Organizational operations, in both profit making and ‘non-profit’ making enterprises, require evaluation for reconciliation with set objectives as well as for comparison with operations with other enterprises in a similar industry. Assessment is the process of evaluating a subject, which can be a process, in order to ascertain its potential or quality. Management on the other hand refers to the act or responsibility of controlling people or activities. Assessment and management are therefore critical elements in the life of an organization. This paper seeks to discuss performance assessment and management of McDonalds Company. The paper will explore the established culture of employee selection and appraisal criteria that McDonalds applies in its human resource management. The paper will, with this respect, offer an overview of McDonalds human resource practices in employee selection and appraisal initiatives and then further analyze the processes. McDonalds is a multinational company that operates in a number of cultures across the world. Its human resource management is however converged to a uniform culture. With an overall workforce of more than thirty thousand employees, McDonalds has its personnel management strategies incorporated in its core objectives. In order to achieve its goal of being the best service provider in the food industry, the company’s ensures that it has a diversified cultural base with excellent employee management. McDonalds has a broad based approach in selecting its employees. This includes a special consideration to disabled people who may have some specialized capacity to service delivery. The company has also adopted a universal program for handling older employees more than 55 years of age that follows a criterion of being fair and ‘non-discriminatory’. It has therefore been open to different categories of cultured workforce. As far as recruiting is concerned, the company relies on the

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