Tuesday, August 27, 2019

A ritical Analysis of UK Teaching Standard Essay

A ritical Analysis of UK Teaching Standard - Essay Example The teacher took the initiative of class management and assigned me as a representative. I, therefore, oversaw pupils attainment and outcomes of each stage of the progress. I build on pupils capabilities and prior knowledge of working. Furthermore, the institution empowered a counseling department. The counseling listens to student innate problems (Mills and Niesche, 2014, p. 122). I worked alongside the counseling department to ensure that I generate skills to build working abilities. As well, the institution developed courses related to moral and social behavior as well as, courses related to communication skills. At the end of the semester, the teacher evaluated at the end of the semester. The evaluations improved the understanding of the course in general. The assessment provided a detailed account of how the student was aware of virtues of responsibility, respect, and truthfulness. As a result, I guided the students throughout a professionalization agenda, where positive virtues of education were taken. The teacher heavily involved with the student and the institution hence expanding the overall interactivity level. As well, I welcomed students in a life of academics where interactivity was relatively high. Likewise, I encouraged pupils to take up responsibility and conscientious attitude, it was possible to increase the interactivity level. In summary, the student’s progress depended on the nature of the DEAN department.  The teacher provided the curriculum outline.  

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