Wednesday, July 24, 2019

DVD Review At Deaths Door Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

DVD Review At Deaths Door - Essay Example Dr. Patel is accused of conducting operations on patients that would have survived without the operations. The doctor also defends himself on several occasions, at one point arguing that his patient Barry that had cancer could survive after an operation Unit (ABC News, 2010; Sparkk TV, 2014). Several legal and ethical issues are identified in DVD especially by Toni Hoffman and other nurses. First, Dr. Patel conducted surgery in the hospital despite being informed that the facility would not allow for successful surgery (ABC News, 2010). This surgery led to the death of the patient. On another note, the doctor was said to be extremely concerned with making money as opposed to the general well being of the patients (ABC News, 2010; CNN, 2010). The doctor is seen to constantly pressuring the nurses to meet the deadlines set. Worse still, a great percentage of the patients were forced to take on surgery despite their conditions not being worse. ABC News, (2010) and CNN (2010) indicate that Dr. Patel even worked in odd hours all in an attempt to make more money. The doctor also gave old fashioned treatments, filled wrong information on the charts and even the patients had long delays before transfers. Dr. Patel even conducted medical treatments that were wrong such as treatin g the man with a caravan roll on his chest who later died (ABC News, 2010; CNN, 2010). The nurses involved were affected in a great way by the activities conducted by Dr. Patel. From the movie, it is evident that the nurses were affected both psychologically and emotionally and some could barely stand the deaths that were taking place. A notable example is Toni Hoffman who is indicated to go through emotional stress and even went through sleepless nights trying to figure out what would be the suitable resolution to their problem (ABC News, 2010). Toni’s mother explains how she went through stress and could barely lead a normal life. Among the positive actions undertaken by all parties

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