Thursday, July 18, 2019

Card Game Essay

The study was commenced inside the Computer Shop at Dasmarinas, Cavite. After we discussed our first topic we planned to come up with a Card Game as our second topic for the sake of our thesis project in Software Engineer Subject. We picked Card Game as our second topic because we feel that it’s more challenging rather than hunting some companies around Dasmarinas. Some of the reasons why we picked Card Game as our second topic are because in this topic we own our time performing the codes of the program any time before the day of our defence without such pressure. Statement of the Problem From some of the research and data we gathered. We found a few application and websites that is running a similar online game like our propose topic. From what we’ve seen some major problem that they have is that the game is not quite user friendly. It’s difficult to use the control. Because of the lack of visual control buttons. There is also limitation on how many game can it accommodates at the same time. Of course keeping the gamers idle for so long they might lose interest in the game Research Objectives The Objectives of this research is to develop a game that will be entertaining and at the same time, a game that will be educational that may enhance thinking and decision-making skill in the following ways: * To make unique cards in the game that will allow diversity for the players to think of their own strategy. * To ensure that players will have no advantage against each other by making cards balance. * To allow multiplayer (online) for players to play against each other in different parts of the world. Significance of the Study Cardfight vanguard is a trading card game there are also people who wants to experience playing this game but doesn’t have the luxury of buying the needed cards and also looking for people to play with. Since people now are more often browsing the internet people who want to play Vanguard can play the game without buying the necessary cards needed and having to worry of looking for someone to play with. Conceptual Framework * PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. * Randomized * Easy access * Less hassle Electronic Trading Card Game The model above explains on what and how will be the process of the study. Trading Card Game is a game played using specially designed sets of playing cards. While trading cards have been around for longer, TCGs (Trading Card Games) combine the appeal of collecting with strategicgameplay, but in our study we will do it in a different way by using PHP Hypertext Pre-processor as our scripting language for this study and for our main function for this logical game is the random() function. The researchers will assure an easy access program for the user and it lessens hassle because rather than bringing your deck of cards using your bare hands, just bring your portable computer and start playing the game on your most comfortable place.

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