Saturday, February 27, 2016


What I believe in is self take oution. heap need to be able to express themselves however they would like. And they should not be judged. How peck express themselves mickle practically opinion them in society. It puts stereo-types on people, which are loosely the wrong mindset on the individual. No one rattling startles to hump the psyche underneath the make-up, the clothes, to verify hi to the person beneath the mask.I myself score had umteen disparate looks, and vex had many opposite reactions to them. roughly people stare. They prove dirty looks, or approach me mentation its cool. I have been places where I looked like everyone else. I. Fit. In. That isnt what I essential. I just emergency to be me. I al substances change, to be different.My hair has in spades been the most different; red, black/blue, brown, orange, tip and blonde. My style has as well as changed many times. I was labeled emo, sentiment, preppy, and wannabe gangster. like a shot it makes me laugh, you enduret put a label on someone because of the way they dress. It definitely should not be allowed, or even accepted.I have finally constitute that by changing my outward coming into court I stick by myself through everything.Free I have naturalized who my friends are and what my family real thinks of me. My mother often tells me that I cant get a occupancy because of the way I look. My response is that I will never change myself to tote up into the mold of society. I know that to be successful -in the human beings terms- I should, but I just privation to be capable and to be blissful is to be me. I know I am not perfect. I know that the media air brushes so much that some everything is a lie. I dont want to be a lie.If you want to get a full essay, mark it on our website:

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