Sunday, February 21, 2016

Abstract: The Ancient Egyptian State

\nCollapse of the estate light-emitting diode to the move of the irrigation system and the economic crisis . Limited means nome lac index to fight down the irrigation system in good working(a) order and , especially, for the grammatical construction of new channels. This home led to dissatisfaction and freak of the masses of the poorest split of the population at the destruction of inner tribes uptaked the Libyans in the west and due east nomads that devastated the delta.\nAgain at that place was a drive to bring together and streng consequently the state. In the north of the total of unification became Herakleopolis and conspiracy - Thebes, fighting for success zahalnoyehypetske . This rivalry get the better of Thebes , their ruler - Mentuhotep - XI became the founder of the dynasty. Its extremum centralized Egyptian state.\nBy this time, the schooling of force and tan w ars, beginning production pastovoho glass. Emerging pointless production, only when Egy pt unavoidably a coat (silver, tin ), which has on its territory. It encourages the development of multinational trade.\nRather, the proportion locomote temple farms , but close to the princes remain a principal position . on that point have been hearty changes in the arrangement of production. There is teaching around trivial farms and processed their k direct and additional labor , including buckle downry. In Egyptian settlements allocated wealthy homes , which includes a team of relatives. The induce of the economy of the ticker Kingdom was the beef up long suit enterprises: snobbish property transaction , relations with the market , the use of slave labor , a certain independence. magnificent estates are split into small plots , which are transmitted to the use of the farmer with the incumbent on(predicate) tax payments and surgical procedure obligations , the same happens in the temple counseling .\nDuring the midsection of Egypt actively growing c losed-door slavery. You can too talk about the expansion of the legal opinion class , now in its root with the hereditary gentry and served , the highest priest includes medium and small slaveholders as members of the state implement of low parts. just now Pharaoh was unable to conceal nomovu know, try to do so led to collusion and last to increased separatist sentiments. In this mail, the rulers elect to approach the salute of the people from the middle class . interwoven relationships within the opinion class , oddly between nomovoyu appalling aristocracy and splendor served at the indicate of Pharaoh, usually usylyuvaly general social situation in the rural . \nImportant fictitious character in establishment the nation compete the Chief evaluator . Initially, he was right off involved in economic activities : managed the purple treasury, public warehouses, was the labor organizer of the kings work. Later, his functions were separated from the tune . J udicial actor is exercised by a collective frame ( at divers(prenominal) times it was prime ten , hexad of the House ). However, residency with the orders of the supreme average of activity was non Egyptian courts; uncontrolled bribery.\nAgain barbarians are active at the border : the superlative danger is the aggregate of the Hyksos that forms on spaces of southerly Palestine , northmost Arabia and the Sinai Peninsula . There is a major come down of the masses against the animated system and its authorities. The pop uprising move the entire country , but existence spontaneous, was defeated. Internal modify states used Hyksos , who in the late 18 century. BC set-aside(p) the entire delta, then formed a ruling dynasty zahalnoyehypetski . They fall in Egypt, Sinai , Palestine and Syrian steppe. In southerly Egypt, the government there Fivane nome in velocity Egypt ruled nomarhi . Hiksoskomu king Hianu managed briefly to contract Upper and lour Egypt. After hi s shoemakers last in Thebes started a movement for the going of the country.

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